Game Development

Gaming and entertainment has become an essential part in mobile and web industry, turning into a rapidly growing industry worth billions of dollars globally.

Millions of smartphone users and tech-savvy people spend their time playing games on their mobiles, laptops or tablets. Developing unique and memorable games requires technical expertise, creative minds as well as effective storytelling.

We develop

The most engaging mobile games

We have the ability to bring your ideas, characters and games to life. With the support of our technical professionals who are specialized in comic-style 2D art, animation, and photorealistic 3D models, we develop and execute artistic ideas that turn each game unique, amusing and unforgettable.

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leading Games Development Company

We initiate the development process by developing a clear understanding of requisites and specifications, then indulge into agile development cycles using SCRUM and Extreme Programming and quickly take your game to market with top quality.


iMars Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Mobile Games

The mobile app market is exploding with games being the most popular category of apps to reach out to an incredible number of users. Almost every mobile user loves playing games but what comes as a challenge is to develop such games that would keep the users hooked onto their phones for hours.

Desktop Games

Despite the presence of mobile phones, tablets, and several other gadgets that deliver a great gaming experience, nothing could diminish the ultimate experience of desktop games. Realizing the potential of desktop game and upholding it to a superior level

Browser Games

The online game development domain is one of the fastest growing ecosystems associated with the digital revolution brought in by internet and smart gadgets and PCs. Growing with the market trends, Juego Studio gained expertise online game development company

Facebook Games

The virtual world of Facebook presents you a real world gaming experience like never before. Playing games with your real identities, competing with your real life friends and colleagues allows you for a different gaming thrill